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Product Updates - (SP067) - 24 October 2023

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO67 (24 October 2023 Release)

New Form Builder

The new Form Builder offers a range of improvements to ensure a seamless and efficient form-building process, including;

- Improved interface 

- A new descriptive Form Type selection page that assists you to create forms that are specifically tailored for their intended purpose. 

- Drag and drop form elements including fields, content and tabs that can be rearranged and previewed as you build the form, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments along the way.

- Search function to easily find and add specific fields to your form

- Recently created fields are now conveniently displayed at the top of the list.

- Perform bulk actions within your form, such as removing fields and making fields required with a single click.

Form Builder Overview - Watch Video

Note - Administrators will have the option to continue using the existing form builder if they prefer. 

Custom Field Creation Wizard 

The new Custom Field Creation Wizard provides a guided step-by-step process to effortlessly create custom fields for forms. 

Features include;

- Improved Field Type selection to ensure you are creating the exact field you want.

- Simplify your form-building experience by only seeing the essential settings. Additionally, we have renamed certain fields to enhance clarity and user-friendliness.

- Save time and effort by easily adding options to your dropdown fields.

Custom Field Creation Wizard - Watch Video


Ability to bypass shift limits when adding groups of users to shifts 

When the user attempts to add a group of users to a shift, in the popup there will be an advanced setting allowing the administrator to ignore any errors that may be generated by the system when attempting to add the group to the shift. 

Bypass Shift Rules - Watch Video

Share reports with other administrators

A ‘Share Report’ option will now be available to administrators. 

This is useful for sharing reports with specific administrators who do not have access to view all reports.

When a report is shared with an administrator, they will see that report in their report list. 

Ability to Add a User Rating from Update Page and Imports

The User listing now has a ‘Rate User’ option as a way of rating users outside of Events, Shifts and Role Offers.

The User Rating will appear in the Notes and Ratings tab amongst other ratings. 

A history of updates to user ratings will also be stored

Note - Only one user rating can be added against a user. If a new user rating is added, the previous rating and comments will be overwritten. 

New Filter Rule - ‘Does Not Contain’ 

A ‘Does Not Contain Text’ rule has been added within filters across the platform.

Ability to Hide Inventory Items from Check-In 

A new setting within Item settings to control whether an item is distributable during check-in and check-out has been added. 

If this is not ticked, the item will not appear during check-in or check-out. . 


New QR Code Setting - Display Attribute for QR Code 

A new setting has been added that allows an attribute to display underneath the QR code in the portal. This is to allow other identifiers to be displayed (i.e Accreditation ID). 

Ability to View and Login to Grandchild Accounts from Subaccount Listing 

A new button has been added to the subaccount listing to include all child and grandchild accounts in the listing. This will allow direct login to the subaccount. 

A new column ‘Parent Account’ has also been added to help view the direct parent of the account. 


Ability to filter custom fields based on subaccount

An account filter has been added to the custom field listing to help identify which account the field originated from.

Dashboard Widget for Journeys

A dashboard widget can now be created to view; 

  • Overview of how many people are at each stage of a Journey.
  • A ‘step category’ has been added so steps across multiple journeys can be grouped together in the widget (i.e ‘Interview’ stage might consist of multiple steps).


Minor Enhancements

  • My Role Offer Application section moved to top of page 
  • Increased file size from 100mb to 150mb
  • Secure File Upload
    Files that are uploaded into a file or image field that is marked as ‘contains private information’ will now go into a section of our storage where the URL for that file cannot be accessed anymore by just the URL.