Mail Merge Tags

Available Merge tags

Mail merge tags allow you to personalize your email for each recipient. When your message is sent, emails from Rosterfy will merge your email with data from the user (like their first name), so that each user receives a personalized email just for them. 

Within Rosterfy, you can also use mail merge tags to generate information such as event and shift details or confirmation and withdrawal links, which allows users to confirm shifts via email which updates their status on a roster. 

See below for the full list of mail merge tags available on Rosterfy: 



Merge fields

Field name




First Name


Middle Name


Last Name


Preferred full name


Date of Birth


Phone number


Subscribed to marketing communication


Full Address






Preferred first name


Rosterfy ID


Password Reset


Send user to create an account via default registration form*1*2 


User verify email is correct*2 

*1 Note- This merge tag can only be used if a user has not logged in or set their password

*2  Note- Once the template has been saved your browser may remove the tag, so please re-add after each template edit




Event Timezone


Event start date/time


Event start date


Event start time


Event end date/time


Event end date


Event end time


Event application open date/time


Event application open date


Event application open time


Event application close date/time


Event application close date


Event application close time


Event Name


Event description


Publish status (Yes/No)


Confirms all shifts


Rejects all shifts


Shift Information - Displays all registered shift name, shift date/time

 Note:- Shift Information is a custom merge tag that repeats the shift info.

Event Shift user


Event Shift user fields can only be used in sent from the Shift User



Event shift status


Shift confirmation URL


Shift Reject URL


Shift info Displays shift name, shift date/time

Event Shift



Shift minimum demand


Shift Maximum demand


Shift timezone


Shift start date/time


Shift start date


Shift start time




Shift end date/time


Shift end date


Shift end time




Shift Name


Shift publish status


 Role Offers


Role Offer Name


Role Offer Description


Role Offer Report Name


Role offer publish status  (Yes/No)


Role Offer User


Role Offer user status


Role offer accept link


Role Offer Rejection link

 Reward and Recognition


Item quantity (Y/N)
*|inventory_item_is_distributable|* item is distributed (Y/N)
*|inventory_item_name|* Item Name
*|inventory_item_quantity|* Item quantity

Note: - These tags can only be used within specific sections to generate the correct information as shown below:

Rosterfy Section Merge Field Type
Event Event Shift User Event Shift Role Offer Role Offer User User

Communication Tab

Shift List x         x
Shift User   x x     x
Role Offer User       x x x
Group           x
User List            x