Kiosk Mode for Check-Ins

Kiosk Mode is a feature that allows your users to be checked in or checked out physically on site without the need for an Admin or Leader to action it manually.

The User's QR Code can be scanned by a camera and they can be checked in or checked out automatically.

This can help save you valuable human resourcing and speed up check in for all involved.

How it works

When logged in with an account that is an Event Leader for an Event.

On the Event Page they will now see Check in Kiosk Mode.


A device with a camera can be left without human supervision to allow Users to check in.

The camera will continually scan for QR codes. When it detects one, it will check the User in for their Shift.


The green bar under the Check In details is a count down timer, keeping these details and stopping the next check in until it has completed. Users can also re-scan their QR code to check out.


Note: Check In/Check Out Forms can not be used with Kiosk mode and an Error will occur if you set them up and Check In/Out this way.

Note: Users with Admin Permissions cannot use Kiosk mode. This is security related.


How to Set it Up

To start using Kiosk Mode certain settings will need to be turned on. 

Head to Organization Settings.

Click on Events.

Set Enable Event Kiosk Mode to Yes.



Staying in the Events tab of Organization Settings.

Set the duration for Allow check in by team leader this long before shift starts.

Set the duration for Allow check out by team leader this long after shift ends.



Note: These two settings need to be set in relation to the timings between your shifts in the Event for Kiosk mode to function correctly.

You must ensure that there are no crossovers between shifts check in time/check out time if there are users that could be on both.

In the Portal tab, make sure you select an option for the 'Portal QR code attribute' field.

Note: The duration for check in before/check out after will also impact check in/out by other leaders not just Kiosk Mode. 

If you have any trouble setting this up or the options are not available please don't hesitate to contact us at