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How to use the online support portal

Utlize our support documentation and FAQ's. Your team can also submit specific tickets meaning if you require further assistance from our dedicated team of workforce experts our online support allows your team to view all support queries and our solutions in one portal.

How do I access the online support documentation?

Rosterfy has an always-visible toolbar located at the top of your console. Click on the down arrow in the top right hand corner > select Support Request: 


From here, you will be taken to the Rosterfy online support home page. Do a quick search to find relevant articles or click 'Workforce Management' to view the Rosterfy specific support documentation. 


How do I submit a request?

At any point, you will have access to submit a support ticket. Simply click 'submit a request' in the top right of the support portal. Fill out the request and from there, we will be able to prioritize and categorize your ticket depending on whether it may be a how to question, potential bug fix required or a feature request. 


It's important that when submitting a support request that you provide as much information as possible regarding the URL of the page you are on, screenshots, browser and device information.  

How do I see my previous requests?

At any point, you will also have access to view your recent activity. Simply click 'my activities' link in the top right of the support portal next to the 'submit a request' button: 



*Please note that the reply to your request, will appear in the email inbox of the administrator account you are logged in with.