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Family Functionality

Rosterfy allows a Family manager to add family members to their profile, so that family members can be accounted for on shifts.

Adding Family Members from the User Portal

In the user portal, a new section ‘My Family' will appear at the bottom of the My Profile page. 

 The user can then click ‘Add Family Member’ 

Selecting ‘Send Communications’ will allow the family manager to enter contact details for their family member. If contact details are not added, then all communications will be sent to the family manager. 

When applying to a shift, the family manager will be asked to select which family members they want to assign to the shift

The family manager can update the selected family members on shifts, as well as withdraw them from a shift

The family manager and any chosen family member will appear in the shift user list in the admin console


Adding and Viewing Family within the Admin Console

  • A Family tab on the User Update page in the admin will display any family members attached to the profile or link the administrator to the Family manager profile.
  • Administrators can control a user's family from this tab (Create / Update / Delete family).
  • A column will be available on all User listings: “Family Member” - this will show a Yes or No if the user is a member of a family.


  • Family members do not have an account and cannot login to Rosterfy
  • Family members will exist as a record in the admin console (i.e they will appear in user listings and on shifts)
  • Family managers and members cannot confirm pending shifts from the portal, only via email. 

The Family functionality is an account permission that will need to be turned on before these features are available. Please speak to support or your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.