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Event Leader Check In

A How-To guide on how your users can check in as an event leader during an event.

Event Leader Check in

When a user is selected as an Event Leader they will have the ability to check in users associated with that Event on Event day.  Here are the steps for your Event Leader to check in users on Event day. 

  1. Select Events From The Dashboard
  2. Select the View Event button the the event you are leader of

     3. Select Leader Mode

From here the event leader will be able to check in all users for that event by searching for either the users Rosterfy ID #, email address or First and Last name. 

Use the date filters to search across multiple shifts across days, or select the shift and check in users from the shift.

    4. Select Check-In

Once the event leader has confirmed the user, you can now check them into their shift. 

       5.  Repeat steps 3-4 to continue to check in users, and to also utilize checking out users at the end of an event. 

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