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Checkpoint Actions


Checkpoint actions are actions that are applied when a User goes to to a checkpoint. This can be useful to automate User journeys. 

To access the Checkpoint Actions follow Settings > Advanced > User Checkpoint 

Select the Checkpoint to make changes to, click the Settings icon then click Update.

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Click on the Actions tab to find the available actions list. 

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There are 5 actions which can be triggered when the user joins the Checkpoint. 

Remove from groups  - Removes the user from all groups they are currently part of

Remove from Role offers - Removes the User from any Role offer 

Remove from future Shifts - Make User Rejected status type from any future dated shifts from the point of moving to the checkpoint

Remove uncollected Items  - Removes any items (Reward & Recognition) that have been assigned to user but have not been collected

Remove from incomplete Training - Removes incomplete training from the user so they will no longer be allocated and be able to complete