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Cancelling an event

Available for Rapid, Core & Enterprise-4

Cancelling an event is quick and easy and can be broken down into 2 steps:

  1. Communication to registered users
  2. Preventing further registrations and any reminders

Send an email to all registered Event users

The below will instruct on sending a communication to all users on an event

1. Click Event

2. Click View Shifts

3. Use the Checkbox to select which shifts should be emailed.

4. Click Actions

5. Select Email/SMS

6. Filter the user to include/exclude

7. Click Write Email

8. Add Content

Things to include should be:

  • Will the event be rescheduled?
  • Who should they contact with any questions or a link to the contact center

Preventing other registrations

In order to prevent anyone making any changes and any system automation triggering it is recommended that the Event or shift is Unpublished. The below steps:

1. Click Events

2. Click Update on Event Settings

3. Uncheck Publish

Unpublish the event will cease all automations that the scheduled to complete and also prevent sign up to any additional shifts. It is also important that when cancelling an event to keep users engaged and consider utilising Rosterfy training to upskill your volunteers.