Automations overview


Automations can simplify your event and provide more time as you do not need to complete repetitive actions. Below are a list oftasks and actions that can be completed.


  1. Event Shift - Apply - When a shift is applied for
  2. Event Shift - Confirm - When a shift is confirmed
  3. Event shift - Reject - When a shift is withdrawn or rejected
  4. Event shift scheduled start - When a shift is scheduled to start
  5. Event Shift checkin - When a shift has been checked in
  6. Event Shift check out- When a shift is checked out
  7. Form Process- When an attribute or system field is completed
  8. Role Offer- Accepted - When a role offer has been accepted
  9. Role Offer - Rejected- When a role offer has been rejected
  10. User - Delete- When a user has been deleted
  11. User- Register - When a user has registered onto Rosterfy
  12. User- Update Password - When a user has changed their password


Assign User to Group - Assigns the user to the selected group

Email- Send a email to the user from a template

Notification- Add a notification onto the user profile

SMS- Send a SMS to the user from a template

User Attribute- Update- Update the selected field

User Checkpoint- Change the user to a selected checkpoint