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Automatic Rostering


The automatic rostering feature allows you to auto-fill shifts from specific User Groups or Role Offers. Automatic rostering is based on user availability and fills shifts based on Organization Event settings, such as max hours per week or minimum gap between shifts. 

Before automatic rostering can be used, please ensure you have created your event and shifts, have set up the user groups / role offers and set your organization event settings, shown below:


To access Automatic Rostering, go to Events > View Shifts 


Go to Actions > Automatic Rostering


  • Select where you're auto-rostering from - either Role offer or User group 
  • Select the specific Role offer or User group
  • Select the shift user status you want to give people being rostered
  • Select to apply the automatic rostering to all listed shifts or a selection of shifts
  • Click Import to being the automatic rostering