Sending a Notification

Send a notification to your users portal.

Sending a notification

Notifications can be sent out many different ways through the admin portal. You can trigger these notifications anywhere you have access to send communications from. 

From Your Dashboard:

  1. Select Communications.
  2. Select Send a Communication.

    3. Add/review content.

  • Template - If you already have a template created for this message select one here (Optional)
  • Subject - What the notification is about
  • Content - The message you would like to communicate with your users. 
  • Link URL (Optional) - A link to the location of the action
  • Link Text\ (Optional) - Text for the hyperlink
  • Priority Notification - Priority notification will display as a popup with an action. Select the checkbox if you would like to send the notification with priority.

  4. Click Next
  5. Add Recipients by using the drag and drop functionality. 

  6. Click Next
  7.  Schedule for later? - Schedule the notification to be sent out at a different time and date by selecting the check box.  If you would like to send the notification instantly, just select Confirm and Send.