Pricing guide

Below are the products, packages and services Rosterfy offers to provide the most comprehensive end to end software platform for volunteer management.

Rosterfy Packages
Minimum One Year Fixed Term Contract
$3,600 / year
Core +
Minimum Two Year Contract
$8,600 / year
Minimum Three Year Contract
POA / year

Candidate Levels
Level One
Up to 250 Candidates and 6,250 Emails and Push notifications.
Level Two
Up to 1000 Candidates and 25,000 Emails and Push notifications.
Level Three
Up to 2,000 Candidates and 50,000 Emails and Push notifications.
Level Four
Up to 5,000 Candidates and 125,000 Emails and Push notifications.

** Note this does not include SMS messages and they are charges at 0.08c per SMS

Over 1 million volunteers and staff use Rosterfy worldwide
Customer Care Packages
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$3,000 / year
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$5,000 / year
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Additional Professional Services
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Elijah Tangohau (1)
Loudoun County


"So user friendly"

"The platform is so user friendly. These are staff who have worked for us for 20 years and they’ve always said that they ‘can’t do technology’ but now they’re going in and picking their own shifts and pulling reports, which is amazing because its empowered them to operate independently."

Sports Admin Assistant, Loudoun County Sports Department

"Everything I need"

"If I didn’t have this tool, I don’t know how I would have been able to manage all the pieces. Because we have segmented the way we have rolled out everything this year, it’s been invaluable to have one home hub for everything, putting my mind at ease knowing all of the information is in the one place and everything I need is there."

Director of Community Ambassador Program, Tampa Super Bowl Host Committee
Super Bowl LV (1)