Rosterfy 2.0 Upgrade - Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the Upgrade? Will I retain all of my existing database? 

Yes - absolutely. All user details will be retained

Rosterfy will move Account Settings, Users, Questions, Forms, Events and Shifts, Templates, Groups and Training History to the new Rosterfy 2.0 platform. 


Will I need to build out my registration form again? 

Your registration form and questions will be retained. However, we recommend that you check the registration form as changes may be required. Rosterfy 2.0 has new question types and features to enhance the user experience.


I have training modules set up in Rosterfy 1.0, will these be migrated across? 

We will keep a record of training history, however, the content and quizzes within your training modules cannot be brought across. You can easily re-add these in Rosterfy 2.0. 


Will I have access to all the same features as I do currently? 

Yes, you will have access to the same features in R2. However, please note that certain features have been modified and may work slightly differently in the new platform. 


How will I know how to use the new platform? Will training be provided?
Your client success manager will work with you during the transition process and ensure you are well equipped to use the Rosterfy 2.0 platform. You can also move at your own pace with the help our support guides and videos. 


What if I need more support?
Our support centre is full of articles and videos to help support you! Our support team are also on hand to answer your questions, simply email and we’ll be in touch. 


Will my license fee remain the same?
Your license fee will remain at the current level based on your contract. Upon renewal, ongoing license fee will be determined based on the package best suited to your requirements. Our sales and client success team will work closely with you to determine the contract you will move to upon contract renewal. 


What are the benefits of Rosterfy 2.0?
Rosterfy 2.0 has a fresh new look, and is designed to be more flexible and engaging. Some of the key benefits include; 

  • New Interface - Rosterfy will look a little different for administrators and volunteers alike, with a new interface designed to make the user experience more intuitive and user friendly. 
  • Automations. Clients will have the opportunity to create automated workflows for repeat actions including recruitment steps, training and communications. 
  • Permissions. Beneficial for larger organizations and/or events, permissions allow you to implement multiple accounts within your organisation to enable you to manage your workforce for different events and/or locations. 
  • Integrations. Rosterfy will now be integrating with a number of partners to enhance their current product offering including online training, accreditation, background checks and many more. 
  • Reward and Recognition. Rosterfy’s rewards based program sees volunteers awarded points for completed shifts and hours recorded, which are housed in volunteer portals. This feature works alongside automations to trigger communications that reward and recognise volunteers to increase engagement.