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Publicly Browsable Shifts

Available for Rapid, Core & Enterprise-4

Shifts can be made public - this is to say that they can be viewed by people who have not signed up. This can be useful as it could help you fill shifts that are failing to meet their demand by actively marketing that shift. 

How to activate the setting in your account

1. From your Admin Dashboard follow Settings > Events 

2. Enable public browsing of Events by changing No to Yes (If the Enable public browsing of Events field is not visible in your settings you can raise a ticket on Zendesk or contact: support@rosterfy.com )


3. Adjust the Shifts can be viewed in public by default field to match requirements. 

4. Adjust Shifts are public by default to match requirements. 

5. Click Save


5. Publicly browsable shifts will now be able to be created in your account. 

How to make a Shift publicly browsable

1. Locate the the Event that contains the Shift(s) that are to be made public

2. Click on the Settings button and then click Update


3. In the settings click on the Portal Visibility tab ( note the yellow private -unlocked lock)


4. Click the Publicly Accessible tick box


5. Then the Shifts Publicly Accessible tick box will appear below, click that to activate it also. 

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. 

7. A link to the Event will now be viewable (see below in the red box) which can be used to access the Event, for those who do not have an account in Rosterfy, which can be openly disseminated. 


8. Scroll back up the page and click Shifts inside in the Event Settings on the left. mceclip2.png

9. Inside the Event Shifts List select the Shift that is to be made public, then click the Settings Cog and then Update to access the Shift settings. 


10. Click the Visibility tab. 

11. Inside the Visibility tab there will be a tick box for Shift is Public click this to turn it on. 

12. Click Save to save the changes. 


13. Now the Event and the Shift will both be visible through the link provided at step 7.