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Product Updates - (SP073) - 19 March 2024

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO73 (19 March 2024 Release)

What’s New 🚀


Rearrange portal dashboard sections

Administrators can now rearrange portal dashboard sections/widgets, as well as “switch off” certain sections.

Under Portal Settings > Dashboard Tab, the portal sections can be rearranged by dragging them into position. If the Active toggle is turned on, the section will appear in the portal (if the user has permission to see it), if it is toggled off, the section will not appear for any user. 


Note - rearranging the portal sections is only applicable to the portal dashboard. 

💡How this helps

This gives administrators additional flexibility to create a portal that is meaningful and only display the relevant information to users. 

Export Certificates in Bulk
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A new listing that shows all Users who have a particular certificate has been added

In the Certificate list, go to the three dots > View Users.

The new listing is sorted (descending) by ‘created at’ by default, but can be sorted by user name or created at in either direction.

From the Actions button, administrators can download User Certificates in bulk. Alternatively, each row has a download and delete action.



💡How this helps
This change will help administrators easily download and print certificates to physically hand out to candidates.  

Allow Event Shift User ID to be used as a merge tag

Event Shift User Id is now available to be used as a merge tag.

💡How this helps

The Event Shift User ID can be used as a merge tag or QR merge tag in emails and certificates so that it can be used as an identifier for Shift check-ins and more.

Auto Update Groups to Shifts now remembers status

When a group is added to a shift, the status and ‘trigger automations’ options will now be stored for future use, when the ‘automatically add new group users’ is enabled.

When the auto update runs in future, this will set the applicable status, and trigger the applicable automation.

Note, for users on status applied or pending, the ‘applied to shift’ automation will trigger. For users on the status of confirmed, the confirm shift automation will trigger. 

💡How this helps

Helps ensure that group users who are synced to a shift are given the correct status and triggering automations. 


Render field as QR Code in Certificates 

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When adding any mail merge tags to a certificate, a ‘render as QR code’ option will appear. When the certificate is rendered, the mail merge tag will appear as a scannable QR code.

💡How this helps
Allows more fields to appear as a QR code on a certificate


Allow Users to Update Shift Application Form

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If a shift has an application form, administrators can now choose to make that application form re-submittable. When enabled, users will be able to update the form so long as the shift has not started and the shift user status is one of applied, pending or confirmed. 




💡How this helps

This update will allow users to make amendments to the data they have provided in their shift application form, meaning the data collected is most accurate. Organisations will have the option to enable this setting, allowing for different workflows and business rules to be catered for. 


Total Time Attended Columns & Filters Enhancements 

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Additional columns have been added to the shift user listing, which will calculate the time attended for users who check-in, without checking out. The time attended will instead be calculated based on the shift check-in time and shift scheduled end time. 

💡How this helps
On some occasions, checking out for a shift may not be required or sometimes people forget. By adding these additional columns, administrators can still get an accurate sense of how long a person has worked, even if there is no check out time against the user record.


When primary and secondary colours are changed at a parent account, inherit the updates to child accounts that use ‘default’ branding 

When updating parent account branding, these changes will cascade to subaccounts that use default branding. For subaccounts that have set branding, the changes will not be applied. 

 💡How this helps
Saves time by automatically applying branding to subaccounts who use the "default" colours, rather than manually updating all subaccounts when a change is made at the parent account. 


Ability to Bulk Import Team Leaders

A new option, ‘Import Leaders to Events’ has been added to the Actions dropdown in the Event List.


This will allow administrators to import event leaders in bulk. Additionally, during the import process, selecting the ‘Replicate’ action will remove anyone who is an existing event leader, who is not in the import sheet.



Parent account Event Types now appear under Checkpoint permissions (FF-1181)

Event Types from a parent account will now be visible within Checkpoint Permissions and Admin Role horizontal permissions.. When enabled, users within the checkpoint will be able to access parent account event types in the portal. 



Ability to trigger automation actions based on a time frame relative to a role offer status change

It is now possible for the system to automatically trigger automations based on a time frame relative to a status change for the role offer user.

Administrators can configure an automation to trigger an action to a volunteer 'x' years, weeks or days after the status on a role changes.

  • RoleOffer context will be available in the Actions - i.e Role Offer merge tags are usable in any Email actions on the Automation.
  • Actions to update the Role Offer User status also can be used, i.e in cases where a volunteer does not respond to a waitlist request, update their status to ‘withdrawn from waitlist’.

Update Stripe Payment Element

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When making payments through the portal, the Stripe Payment element has been added, so that various payment methods (i.e inputting card details) can be used to make a payment. 

💡How this helps

The user is not required to login to any third party system to make a card payment, making the process quick and easy. 

Auto Roster across all roles associated to Shifts

Updates to the Auto-Rostering tool now allow administrators to select a specific role offer to auto-roster from OR allow the auto-roster tool to automatically roster users from the role associated with the shifts selected.

💡How this helps
Saves administrator time by no longer needing to auto-roster each role one by one.

National Crime Check Integration Updates:

Map Custom Fields to NCC Check Fields 

Within the NCC integration settings a new option ‘Map custom fields to NCC check fields’ has been added. If nothing is found through these mappings, the values in the fallbacks will be used. The exception is ‘email’, where the User’s email is used as priority, but if it’s a no-email user then mapping is used.


Trigger NCC Check option from RoleOffer User ellipses

When the NCC integration is enabled, on the role offer user listing, an option to “Trigger NCC check’ will appear. 

The check will only be triggered if:

  • the user does not have any check created yet
  • or the current date is after the expiry date
  • or the current date is after the expiry date minus the ‘existing valid check’ number of days window. ie if the existing valid check window is 30 days, and the user has a check expiring on the 31st October, then the user could have a check created after the 1st October.


💡How this helps
Allows administrators to manually trigger an NCC check against a User in context of a particular Role, so that they can start the process outside a regular workflow, or re-trigger a check after the business determines a pre-existing NCC to be expired.

Record and Expose the User Check’s unique ID

A new column ‘External ID’ is now available in the User Checks list when NCC integration is enabled.

💡How this helps

Exposing the external ID helps identify the check and allows it to be referenced later. 

Minor Enhancements / Fixes ☑️

- Allow administrators to set Microkeeper ID from admin console 

- Allow multi select fields on user update labels