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Product Updates - (SP064) - 22 August 2023

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO64 (22 August 2023 Release)

‘Save All’ on Timesheets

You can now easily update and save check-in and check-out times in bulk directly on the timesheet. When an administrator starts updating the times, a convenient 'Submit All' button will appear. By clicking this button, all changes made to the timesheet will be saved (applies to the current page only).

Ability to Flag Events as Ongoing (Hide Event Date & Times)

A new ‘Is Ongoing’ flag has been added to the Event update page that will hide the Event Start Date/Time and End Date/Time. This is useful for events that do not have a set start or end date. 

Events can be filtered based on the ‘Is Ongoing’ flag to help administrators find these events easily. A new column can also be added to the listing.

When the event is tagged as ‘Is Ongoing’, users will not see any start or end date/times in the portal.

Ability to hide Shift Start and End Times

Shift start and end times can now be hidden, which is particularly beneficial for managing volunteers who do not have a specific start or end time for their shifts. When the "Hide Shift Times" feature is enabled, all times related to the shift will be hidden across various places such as portal listings and emails.

However, to accurately track attendance and hours worked, users can still check in and check out of their shifts.


Centralised User Check listing
All reference checks, background checks, and parental consent checks will now be combined and organised in a centralised User Check listing page and on the User Update page.

Add 'Tags' to Roles

Administrators now have the option to assign tags to Roles when they are created. This new feature allows candidates to filter roles based on their areas of interest, making it easier for volunteers to find and select roles that align with their preferences.


Bulk Archive Payruns

Administrators now have the ability to easily archive multiple payruns at once. This feature allows you to efficiently manage and organize your payrun records.

Minor Enhancements

  • Ability to ‘Use Shift Time’ for Check-In in Quick Update Record

  • Remove access to Email Templates for administrators without Email Template permissions
  • PayPal Integration - Invoice Number Mail Merge Tag
  • Updates to event/role search layout