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Product Updates - (SP060) - 23 May 2023

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO60 (23 May 2023 Release)


Option to move a candidate from Child Account to Parent Account
When logged in as a parent account user, a “move to parent account“ button will be available in user listings for individual users. If a user is already in the parent account this button will be disabled.

When you move a user to a parent account, a modal appears that allows you to select a parent account’s checkpoint to be assigned to the user. The modal will indicate the parent account’s name when moving a user to make it clear.

Upon submission, the user's account ID will be updated, the parent's account checkpoint will be assigned, and a default user type will be issued to them.

Cannot promote users to the account ID number 1. i.e Rosterfy account

Move a Candidate from Child Account to Parent Account - Watch Video



Visibility Rules on Accounts based on user filter
Administrators are now able to add visibility rules to control which users can view a subaccount from the portal.


Have a total at the bottom of grid list for Checkpoint Count
A ‘Total Count’ has been added to the footer of the ‘Count’ column.

This value is also adjusted when filtering records through search.


Remove "via Rosterfy" from enterprise accounts by default

Customers with whitelisted emails enabled in the account Communication settings will no longer have ‘Via Rosterfy’ appended to the ‘From’ email name after Subaccounts are created.


New Report Filter - ‘is scheduled’
The report list can now be filtered based on whether a report is scheduled or not. 


Social Media Carousel
The new widget will pull in data from configured instagram feeds and display the latest 12 items as images and description.

The carousel will display on all logged in portal pages

If no items exist, the widget will not display. 


Add a delay when sending emails so the email can be cancelled
After sending an email (single or mass), the user will be redirected to the Email History page, where the status and progress will be shown of the email job. 

Administrators will be able to cancel the email job when it is in a ‘creating’ status (approx 20 seconds), after this time, the cancel option will disappear. 

When cancelled, the job stops processing (i.e all emails will not be sent) and the history will be deleted. 

Cancel Email - Watch Video



Ability to Un-Cancel a Shift
Administrators are now able to un-cancel a cancelled shift. When un-cancelling a shift, the shift will be unpublished. 

Un-cancel a Shift - Watch Video



Add Minimum Age & DOB requirements against Roles

A minimum age or DOB can be set against a Role (only available when ‘Allow user to Apply to Roles’ is on).

Candidates who do not meet the Age or DOB requirements will see the reason they’re not allowed to apply in place of the apply button.


Public Role Offer Link
When a role is made public and is published, a link to the role will be available to copy within the Role Offer Update page


Role Approvals

A new administrator permission that controls whether a Role can be created with or without approval has been added.


Administrators without Approval permissions can create roles and submit them for approval. 

Administrators with Approval permissions can review and approve Roles, as well as Reject roles and provide a reason. 

Reject Role & Provide Reason - Watch Video



Allow Users to Withdraw from Role Applications Setting
A new default account setting has been added to control whether users can withdraw from Role Applications by default.

The setting can be adjusted within each Role created. 



Update Role Offer Create Fields & Advanced Headcount Permission
More fields have been added to the ‘Advanced Headcount’ Permission to make creating roles more simple for customers. 

The following fields have moved to the General tab;

  • Allow Users to Self-Apply
  • Journey


Timestamp Added to Journey Step Completed
‘Journey Step Completed At’ has been added to the Review Application modal. If a step is overridden by an administrator, ‘Journey Step Completed By’ is also shown. 


Application Open Close Dates now includes Event Expressions of Interest