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Product Updates - (SP051) - 9 November 2022

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO51 (9 November 2022 Release)

New Features & Enhancements

  • Ability to import shifts into multiple events
    Administrators can now use a spreadsheet to import shifts into multiple events, previously shifts could only be imported into a single event. To do this, admins will need to link shifts to an event id. 

  • Ability to display check-in & check-out time in user portal
    Admins can now choose to display timesheets within the user portal. This setting is controlled within the Event Type. When enabled, users will see their check-in/out times and the timesheet status.

  •  Custom Field Deletion & Archiving
    Fields must now be archived prior to deleting, this is to avoid accidental deletion of data. 
    If a field is being used on a form, an additional warning will also appear.

  • Ability to access form URL's easily
    If a form has a URL, it can now be accessed from the Form list page. 

  • Archived Communication Templates cannot be used
    Archived communication templates will no longer appear in the Template list when sending communications. Templates must be restored from the archive to appear in the list. 
  • SMS Updates
    When sending an SMS, if the content includes any non-GSM characters, these characters will now be converted to use GSM-7. This ensures that sms character limits remain at 160, rather than 70, before being charged for a single SMS. 

  • File size error
    The system will now inform users if they attempt to upload a file that is too large.

  • User Invitations will become invalid if a user changes their password
    If an invitation to join Rosterfy has been sent to a user, and they then change their password, the invitation will become invalid. 
  • Password reset won't be available in the profile if the user signed in using Single-Sign-On.
  • Admin grid list actions will be available on Mobile devices
  • When deleting an option from a multi-select or single-select field, now the system will remove that option from all the forms to eliminate confusion and avoid errors.