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Product Updates - (SP050) - 18 October 2022

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO50 (18 October 2022 Release)

New Features & Enhancements

Enabling Timesheet Approvals
Administrators can now enable a Timesheet Approval process (manual or automatic) and enforce stricter controls around payroll. 

To enable, go to Organisation Settings > Payroll tab.

Candidate timesheets can now be given one of the following statuses:

  • Action Required = the timesheet entry does not meet the auto-approval rules. Further intervention is required before this timesheet entry can be included in a payrun. 
  • Pending = the timesheet entry has been updated manually by an administrator after not meeting the auto-approval criteria. The timesheet entry will then need to be manually approved via the timesheet by an administrator with permissions to approve timesheet entries.  
  • Approved = when a shift is auto-approved based on the rules set or manually approved after an entry has been amended.
  • Processed = when a timesheet entry has been included in a pay run. The entry will be locked from further changes.

Note - The ability to see these timesheet statuses are controlled via Administrator Permissions.

Creating Timesheet Auto Approval Rules via Automation

The timesheet status can be automatically updated based on Automation rules. For example, if you want timesheet entries to be automatically approved for candidates who check-in and check out within 5 minutes of their scheduled shift time, this can be set up via an automation. 

Similarly, If candidates do not check in or check out within the required time, the status will be automatically changed to “Action Required”.  


Payrun Creation and changes with the approval process

  • When creating payruns, administrators can opt to create payrun only for users with a timesheet status of “Approved”.
  • When a pay run is created with ‘Only process approved timesheet entries’,  ticked,  it will ignore the cycle start date when looking for timesheet entries, and only retrieve entries with a status of Approved (no locked, no pending, no processed).
  • Once created, administrators can’t untick the ‘only process approved timesheet entries’ after the payrun has been created.

  • Admins can not delete or change the status of payruns with a ‘locked’ status - “locked”, "invoiced" "completed"
  • In the Shift User page, administrators with Payroll access can configure the listing to show the Payrun Name as a column.
  • A shift user can only exist in ONE payrun for a single event/time period, ie creating a second pay run for the same event/period will only capture shift users that were not captured by the first pay run.
  • After a pay run is locked/invoiced/completed - the associated shift users move to a timesheet status of 'processed'.

  • Once the timesheet status is processed , start_time/end_time/status/breaks can’t be changed via single or bulk update.


  • If a pay run is NOT locked, but is set to Processed/Approved, if an associated Shift User has its start time//end time/status or breaks modified,  the payrun will become invalidated (revert to Pending status)

  • Communication History Filters

    Email and sms history can be searched using the template used for sending the email / sms

    Accessibility Updates
    • When in accessibility mode, multi-select will lists will appear as checkboxes

    • When in accessibility mode the year field will be a dropdown instead of a text box


Introduction of limits on Automaton actions when triggered from user listing

Limit will be 1500, which means;

  • 10 actions in automation, max 150 users
  • 3 actions in automation, max 500 users

Payrun list can be exported to excel/csv