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Product Updates - (SP049) - 27 September 2022

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO49 (27 September 2022 Release)

New Features & Enhancements

  • Ability to add expiry dates to Training modules
    A training expiry date can now be added to training modules. This is useful for modules that need to be taken regularly (i.e annual safety training). Automations can be triggered based off the training expiry to ensure users are reminded to complete training before the expiry date. 

  • Ability to archive custom fields
    Custom fields can now be archived, making it easier to manage your list of fields.
    Note - Fields will need to be archived before being able to delete them from the system

  • Kiosk Mode - improved error message
    A new error message will appear when using Kiosk Mode if there is a form attached.

  • Remove HTML from preview in Notifications Module

  • New Automation action - Update Event User Status 
    Admins can now create automations that update Event User status. This is useful for admins wanting to set a status for users who express interest in an event. 
  • Event advanced filter clean up
    The Event filters will now be displayed alphabetically

  • New SEK Currency added to the Pay Run Module
    Swedish Krona has been added to the list of currencies.
  • Ability to copy Automations and actions

  • Canceled status now show on Schedule View
    If a shift is canceled, this will now be visible in the Schedule View. 

  • New 'Shifts I am Leading' information button

    A new information button has been added to the “Shifts I am leading“ widget to give leaders more information regarding the shifts they are leading. 

  • New uCheck background integration
  • Additional Polish translations added to the Portal.