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Product Updates (SP044) - 14 June 2022


New Rostering Rules

Additional rostering rules have been added to cater for different labour laws. Daily maximum hours, weekly maximum hours, breaks in minutes per shift, minimum rest time per day and minimum rest time per week have been added*
*Please contact our support team to activate these settings.

Integration with Eloomi (LMS)

You can now integrate your Eloomi account with Rosterfy.


Integration with SendGrid (Email Marketing) 

You can now integrate your SendGrid account with Rosterfy.



  • Ability to customize the user registration success message.
    The registration success message can now be changed from the default message.
    View more information about setting a registration success message here

  • Ability to customize the email verification success message
    The email verification message can now be changed from the default message
  • Local timezone will be set after user registration
    When a person registers, if their local timezone is different from the organisation default timezone, this timezone will be set instead. The user can still choose to update their timezone via their Profile. 

  • More communication options for managing those who have expressed interest in events
    There are now more options to communicate with people who have submitted an event expression of interest, as well as people who are yet to apply to a shift.

    The following filters have been added:
    - 'Applied Shift for this Event' - Y/N
    - 'Applied for specific Shift Type'

  • Availability can now be ignored within Event Types.
    To allow for certain events to be scheduled (i.e interviews and uniform collection), event types now have an option to 'Ignore Availability'.