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Product Updates (SP043) - 19 May 2022


"Kiosk Mode" for check ins

This new feature allows users to check in automatically using a QR code via an unattended device such as a phone or laptop. 

View more information on setting up Kiosk Mode here 

New Automation that sends an email to users on a shift waitlist
When a user who is in confirmed status withdraws from a shift, users on the waitlist system can now be sent an email notifying them that a position has opened up. The user can also accept the shift from within the email.

New Checkpoint Permission to control when leaders have access to Leader Mode.

This permissions allows administrators to have further control over when Team Leaders have access to leader mode. If unticked, only people who have checked-in for their Team Leader shift on that day are able to access leader mode. 




Ability to display a countdown timer on the subaccount carousel in the portal dashboard
The countdown will be based off the start timestamp set against a subaccount. 
View Article Here




  • Ability to define Training for Functional areas, Job titles, Locations and Venues.
    Training can now be assigned across different parts of the headcount module 
  • Ability to define custom fields on sub-accounts

    Similar to how event and user custom fields work, the newly created fields can be viewed or edited in the subaccount update page

  • Ability to select the Event Status from a dropdown