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Product Updates - (SP065) - 12 September 2023

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO65 (12 September 2023 Release)

New Status for Checked-In Users

A new status can now be assigned to users who check-in to a shift, rather than automatically assigning them an ‘Attended’ status. This is helpful to differentiate between users who have checked-in but not yet checked-out.

A new default ‘Checked-out’ status has also been introduced. This will provide further flexibility to choose an alternative status for users who check-out (the default will remain as ‘Attended’. 


New Automation Action - Assign User to Role Offer

To help streamline the role offer process, a new automation action has been added; 

‘Assign User to Role Offer’. 

As part of this action, administrators can select the role and the role offer status the user should be assigned. 

Note - If assigning the user to a role with a Journey attached, only a status of ‘Assigned’ can be selected.

Default Withdraw Forms across Shifts & Roles

Administrators now have the ability to attach a form that must be completed when a user withdraws from a shift or a role application. 

Two new default withdrawal form settings have been added:

  • The default shift withdraw form will populate with event shift user interaction forms
  • The default role application withdrawal form with role offer user interaction forms. 

The form can be attached within each role or shift. This will allow administrators to collect specific feedback about withdrawal.

Ability to leave Admin Notes across Rosterfy modules

Administrators now have the ability to leave notes in multiple modules within Rosterfy. This feature is designed to improve communication between administrators and help keep everyone informed.

The modules include;

  • Events
  • Event Shift Users
  • Training users
  • Functional Area users
  • Role Offer users.
  • Journey users

All notes that are added against any of the User modules are stored together and can be accessed through the Notes and Ratings tab on the user update page. Administrators can also filter the notes to find what they are looking for,

Viewing and leaving notes is tied to a system permission called ‘Note’, 

Ability to upload SCORM files

Customers can now choose to upload their own SCORM files. 

When creating a new training module, within the Advanced settings, a Training Provider dropdown will now contain an option ‘SCORM’. 

Once selected, the administrator will see a series of settings that need to be completed. This information will be available within the SCORM file provider. 

Note - Once the training module has been saved, the administrator will see an option to Upload SCORM Zip. 

Allow users to verify their email from portal

Users can now verify their email from their profile within the portal.  

Show Summary of Payrun by Shift Type 

Within the Payrun listing, a new option within the Actions menu to ‘View Shift Type Summary’ has been added. 

Similarly, within the Payrun User listing, a new button ‘View Shift Type Summary’ has been added.

When clicked, a modal will appear with a breakdown of costs per shift type.  

Updates to 'Send Email to Email Attribute' Automation Action

The automation action ‘Send email to email attribute’ configuration has been modified to allow the user to select additional attributes of the type;

  • text
  • select
  • multi-select
  • Email

Previously, only attributes of the type ‘email’ were able to be selected. This meant if several people needed to receive an email as part of the automation action, it was not possible to do this within a single action. 

Similarly, if an email address was entered into a text field, this was not able to be included into an automation action, it now can be. 

Note - Emails will only send if the values of the attributes are valid email formats. 

Timesheet approval process improvement

New account setting ‘See Timesheet Status on Shift Users’

If an administrator makes a change to a timesheet-sensitive field (check-in time, check-out time or Break), the system previously reverted the timesheet status to Pending. Meaning, timesheets that were already approved would go back to a pending status and need to be reviewed again.

This change will now prevent the status reverting back to Pending, IF, the administrator has permission to see the timesheet status field. 

Limits & Warnings for Shift Attendance 

When attendance (check in/ check out) is being set or updated on a ShiftUser, the system will check to see if the value is more than 24 hours before or after the actual Shift time.

If the time entered is more than 24hrs from the actual shift time, a validation error will display and warn the administrator.

The validation is to help control Administrators who manually enter attendance on behalf of their end users. The purpose of this change is to help avoid incorrect shift check-in and check-out times being added and affecting data integrity.