Integrating with Sterling Volunteers


  1. Navigate in the Rosterfy admin console (/admin/settings/advanced/integration/list) to your list of available integrations. You should see 'Sterling Volunteers' as shown below. If you don't see it, contact your Rosterfy account manager to get this integration enabled Screenshot_2022-07-08_at_1.55.18_PM.png
  2. When you enable the integration, you will be prompted to add a username and password. This username and password is not your credentials for Rosterfy or Sterling. It is an integration specific username and password that can be provided by your Sterling Account manager for your Rosterfy integration. Screenshot_2022-07-08_at_1.56.45_PM.png
  3. Once you save this username and password, the system will attempt to fetch the available packages from your Sterling account. If the username or password is invalid, this will fail. If it succeeds you will see something like the below with the list of available packages.Screenshot_2022-07-08_at_2.02.16_PM.png
  4. From a setup perspective on Rosterfy that is it to setup the orders. To get the callbacks from Sterling (meaning when an order is updated in Sterling it updates in Rosterfy) you will need to contact your Sterling Account manager who will reach out to our team to exchange some credentials for your account. 
    1. If you would like to automate behaviour in Rosterfy after a check has been completed, and the previous step of Rosterfy + Sterling Account managers enabling this feature, you can setup an automation with the task of 'Background Check Status Update'. An example is shown below. Screenshot_2022-07-08_at_2.05.30_PM.png
    2. Note that you need to set the rule for the actions you want to complete for different statuses. This automation will trigger for every status update including 'Sent', 'In Progress', 'Complete', 'Eligible' etc so make sure you set the rules to corresponding actions
  5. From your list of available packages, you can now share any of the links with your users and it will initiate an order. If the volunteer is not logged into Rosterfy, they will need to login and then the order will be created. ie if you put the link in an email they can click the link but may need to login to Rosterfy if they haven't already on that device.

Volunteer Experience

When a volunteer receives a link to a Sterling background check, they will be directed to a specific page in the portal. Before an order can be created, the volunteers account is checked for the following fields

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address

If any of these fields are not completed, the user will be prompted to add them. Sterling will also check the zipcode provided is valid for the state the user provides, so the user may be asked to update details if a detail is incomplete. If all details are valid, an order will be automatically created on Sterling and the user will see a screen like the below.


The user will then need to proceed to Sterling to complete the final details of the background check.