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Impersonating A User

Given the number of different ways you can configure Rosterfy, each participants portal may often appear differently. This can be caused by groups they are part of, the checkpoint they are in, training they have completed or shifts they have signed up for. If you need to see what a user sees, you can 'Impersonate' them. The impersonate icon looks like this Impersonate

There a number of places in Rosterfy you may see the impersonate icon. The main ones are listed below

The user listing page from the manage dropdown menu

Setting Dropdown

The users profile page, from the 'Actions' dropdown menu


You cannot impersonate any other admin, and you cannot manage the admin console while impersonating a user. If you are impersonating a user, you will see across the top of the portal a link to go back to the admin console.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 14.39.26

Note: If you have multiple tabs of Rosterfy up, you will not be able to impersonate in one tab and use the admin console in another. You will be limited to one 'mode' at a time