Hubspot Integration

What is a Hubspot integration?

The Rosterfy / Hubspot integration allows you to send data from Rosterfy to Hubspot. It is a single directional integration meaning out of the box, data only flows from Rosterfy to Hubspot. Updates to Hubspot are not reflected in Rosterfy, but an update in Rosterfy can now be reflected in Hubspot. It is possible using the Rosterfy API + Hubspot to build an integration back to Rosterfy, however this is not supported natively and needs to be managed by the Client not Rosterfy.

The modules that send data from Rosterfy to Hubspot are the ‘User’ module. The User module can be mapped to the Hubspot ‘Contacts’. . You can choose which fields in Rosterfy are sent between the two systems.

How is the integration setup?

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations in Rosterfy

  • Search for Hubspot and select enable

  • Authorize Hubspot Integration

  • Login using your Hubspot credentials in a popup window

  • Authorize the Rosterfy API calling the Hubspot API (user prompt)

  • From here, the user will need to begin field mapping

Syncing custom fields from Rosterfy

In some instances a client may want to utilise custom fields in this integration. It is imperative that the code of the field in Hubspot MUST match the code of the field in Rosterfy or the API call will fail. Due to the current behaviour of custom attributes within Rosterfy (columns begin with ‘custom_’) Product Team assistance may be required to hard code changes to this field setup.

What are the limitations?

  • Administrators who implement this integration need to be Hubspot admins at a minimum and have permission to add new apps to their hubspot account

  • If you choose a field in Rosterfy that is not created in Hubspot, the API calls will fail. You should match the field ‘code’ in Rosterfy with the Hubspot field code.