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Creating A Shift


About Shifts

A shift is a specific time-frame, with a set number of positions available. An event has many shifts that can support different roles, groups and settings. To find out more about creating an event, click here. A shift will appear in the portal like the below image. In this article we will look at the different ways we can control how it appears.





To create a shift, you must first navigate to the event. To access your events, select event from the main navigation bar.

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 11.47.10


Once on the events list, click the mceclip2-May-05-2022-06-54-14-73-AM  button to access the shift list for that event.Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 12.43.28


Once on the shift list page, click the Create button. This will take you to the shift creation page. 

Note: It is recommended setting up your event settings first. Every shift will use the event settings by default, so you can save yourself a lot of time by doing the event settings first. You can also create one shift and use the copy shift functionality to create many similar shifts quickly

Shift Settings 

Setting Name Tab Functionality
Name General Available in reports, lists, filters, mail merge tags and the portal, the name is the attribute used to differentiate one shift from another.  
Users Required General The maximum number of users that can be allocated to a shift with a status of pending, confirmed or attended. Applied status does not count towards maximum demand
Start Date/Time General Shift with start dates in the future only will appear in the portal by default, and shifts in the past cannot be applied to. This date is shown anywhere in the portal the shift is listed (upcoming shifts, previous shifts) and is available as a mail merge tag
End Date/Time General This date is shown on the portal shift list and is available as a mail merge tag. 
Street Address General This attribute can be used in communications, it is not shown anywhere in the portal at this time
Is Virtual? General The Shift has no real world location or runs completely online
Publish General  This is the control that above all else determines if a shift is available in the portal. If it is turned off, the shift will not be visible anywhere and available for users to apply regardless of date and time settings. 
Shift Type Advanced The Shift Type that will be assigned to the Shift. 
Timezone Advanced The timezone the shift will operate. This controls how the times appear in the portal for users in other timezones. This is also important for automated system functionality to be accurate
Choose a Training Advanced Training modules to be assigned to all users when they signup for this shift
Certificate Advanced  This determines which certificate should be provided to the user at the completion of the shift. This setting is still in development and is for future expansion
Min Demand Advanced This attribute has no functional impact on the shifts or applications process. It is used for reporting and indicates how many users are needed are a bare minimum per shift
Leader Demand Advanced The number of team leader applicants that can apply to the shift. Team leader applicants applying into this demand automatically have a status of confirmed, and get access to check in mode for this shift. 
Default Shift User Status Statuses The status that all users will be given when they sign up to this shift. See note above about counting towards demand. This can be specific to an individual shift and different to the rest of the event
Default Shift Confirmed User Status  Statuses Status given when a user confirms their capacity to attend a shift from an email confirmation link 
Default Shift Rejected User Status Statuses Status given when a user clicks the withdraw link in an email 
Default Shift Checked In User Status  Statuses Status given to a user when they are checked in for a shift 
Users Can Withdraw From Shifts Statuses Controls whether a user can withdraw from this shift after they have been allocated
How many hours before Shift start Volunteers cannot withdraw Statuses Restrict Volunteers from withdrawing close to the Shift start time
How many days before Shift start can Volunteers confirm Statuses Restrict Volunteers from confirming until a certain time-frame out from the shift
Allow Self Check In Check In When turned on, you can choose a timeframe within which a user can self-check-in to this shift. This means team leaders do not need to complete the check in process.  
Check-In Visible Attributes Check In This controls which attributes are shown to a team leader on the check in screen.  
Pre-check-in opens before Shift starts Check In Volunteer will be able to complete the pre-check-in form in the portal from this time
Shift Application Form  Forms Form a user must complete when they apply for this shift 
Shift Pre-Check-In Form Forms Form that must be completed by a Volunteer in the portal before a Volunteer can be checked-in to a Shift
Shift Check-In Form  Forms The form that must be completed at the point of check in. You cannot complete the check-in process without completing the form
Shift Attended Form  Forms The form that can be completed at anytime while a user is on the shift. This can be used as an interview tool, or for questions that need to be completed but will not interfere with the check-in/out procedure. 
Shift Check-Out Form  Forms The form that must be completed at the point of check out. You cannot complete the check-out process without completing the form 
Post Shift Feedback Form Forms Form that can be completed after the Shift is finished
Show Only for User Groups Visibility  This controls showing the shift only to users in the groups chosen. More than one group can be chosen.
Hide From User Groups Visibility This controls if the shift should be hidden from any users. If a user is in a group both for hide and show, the shift will be hidden
Applications Open Date/Time Visibility When a date is set it controls when this shift can be applied to.  This is independent of the Event application date/time. 
Applications Close Date/Time Visibility When a date is set it controls when this shift can no longer be applied to. 
Show only for Role Offer Visibility

This controls showing the shift only to users in the Role Offer chosen.

Custom Attributes Custom Attributes This tab is available for you to set values for all the custom attributes that are setup as Event-Shift-Attributes.