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Creating a Registration Form

Available for Rapid, Core & Enterprise-1

The main purpose of the registration form is for new users to create an account within your database, collect basic details and set up a password to access the portal. 

To create a registration form, go to Forms




Fields marked with mceclip2.png are mandatory and cannot be removed from the form. 

Drag and drop or use the arrows to move attributes from the Available Fields list to the Active Fields list. Re-order fields using the same process.

Click the mceclip3.png to make the field mandatory on this form. 

Click the Add button within the Active Fields list to add content to the form. 3-May-04-2022-08-24-28-89-AM

The content field allows you to add various types of content to the form. For example, you may want to add section headers to separate out different fields on the form, add a link to a document, add a youtube video or an image.



To Preview or Copy the form, click the Actions button.



Advanced Configuration

For extra configuration options, click the mceclip4.png

Label: Allows you to rename the attribute on this specific form

Hint: this will create an information tool-tip next to the field mceclip6.png

Message: this will display in small font underneath the attribute on this specific form


The Visibility tab allows you to create rules for when to show certain attributes.

In the example below,  this attribute will appear on the form only if the date of birth entered is less than 01/01/2005.