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Checkpoint Permissions


Checkpoints are account level control that allow the admin user to control what a user can do/see within the portal depending on where they are in the user journey.

To access the Checkpoint permissions follow Settings > Advanced > User Checkpoint 

Select the Checkpoint to make changes to, click the Settings icon then click Update.

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The Permissions tab will the contain relevant tick boxes to allow for customisation. 

The Permissions are:

Event Type Access - Controls the visibility of events through setting an Event type

Enable specific Shift types - Turning on will open a dropdown box to control visibility for particular Shift Types

Can Apply to Event Shifts - Users can view the portal page but cannot apply for shifts

Can view calendar - View a calendar of availability and event shifts

Can view event history - View past events tab

Can access Training - Access the training tab

Can access news articles - Access Communication news articles or hosted content

Can access Reward Points - Access the rewards tab where reward point items and adhoc certificates

Can access inventory - View items that have been assigned through Reward and Recognition

Can access Fundraising - Access to Give and Gain charity donations

Subaccount access - Control visibility and access to sub accounts

Can access availability - Access to provide dates/time when they are available for shift

Can access certificates - Ability to view certificates that have been assigned

Disable certain attributes  - Turning on will open a drop box below to allow for selection of certain attributes that cannot be updated by users

The above permissions control the visibility on the portal and once activated the order can be controlled in within Communication weblink.