Categorizing custom fields for the admin console

Available for Rapid, Core & Enterprise-3

Custom Field categories are great for organizing custom fields in their relevant section. This makes it easier for admin users to see responses to custom fields or information displayed by tabs. The below example is the impact on categorizing:

User Custom Fields


Create Custom Field categories

1. Click Settings

2. Select Custom Fields

3. Click Categories

Custom Field Categories

4. Click Create

5. Add the Name and Save.

Note - The below example is to group/organize all created custom admin/internal custom fields. 

Create Custom Field Category

Adding a custom field category

1. Click Custom Fields

2. Click Create or Update Custom Field settings

3. Click Advanced tab

4. Select Custom Fields Category dropdown and Save

Update Custom Field Category

On the admin user profile, the custom field will be added to the selected tab.


Note:- This is only available on the admin view of the user profile.

Sort/Order Custom Fields within a category

Once a custom field has been categorized you can set the order they display within the category section.

1. Click Settings

2. Select Custom Fields

3. Click Categories tab

Custom Field Categories-1

4. Click Category Settings

Update Categories Field

5. Click and drag the highlight lines to sort the order they display within the category

Sort order of Custom Fields Category