Assigning a Notifier to Roles and Events for Approvals

Notifiers will receive notifications relating to a role or event approvals.

Notifiers can be attached to various parts of the system, including:

Role Offer Locations

Role Offer Venues

Functional Areas

Event Types

Adding Notifiers

  • Update the relevant area (i.e Location)
  • Click Actions
  • View Notifiers
  • Search for the person you want to make a 'Notifier'

  • Click Add



People added as notifiers will automatically be sent an email when an event or role within the area they are assigned requires their approval.

Sending Emails to Notifiers through Automations

A notification (email/sms) can be sent to a Notifier using automations for other purposes. For example, you may want to send a 'Notifier' an email when a person applies or withdraws from a particular role or to remind them of an upcoming shift they are responsible for. 

To do this:
  • Create an automation
  • Select automation task (must relate to an Event or RoleOffer, i.e Event Shift User - Check In)
  • Go to Actions > Add
  • Select 'Email to Notifiers' as an action
  • Add any rules that may apply, i.e a Role Offer or Event Id


Note -
Notifiers needs to be added as a permission for the account to access this feature.