Accessibility widget

Available for Enterprise

The accessibility widget allows you to be able offers a broad selection of functions that users can mix and match to meet their individual accessibility needs. Each functions that can be turned on or off or set at an exact interim value. Any settings that are applied will be automatically saved for future site visits.

Below are the list of the 10 functions and they will effect the portal accessibility:

1. Keyboard Navigation
Provides on-the-fly remediation of non-compliant elements into accessible, keyboard-navigable ones. Critical for those who rely on assistive tech.
2. Read Page
The screen reader uses a Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine to translate on-screen information into speech and works in over thirty different languages, native accents and locales.
3. Increase text size
Cycles on-screen texts through four different levels of text-size increases.
4. Stop Animations
Stops animations, blinking and flashing content on the portal
5. Tooltips
Shows alternative text and aria labels for on-screen elements with a simple mouse hover. 
6. Legible Fonts
Converts stylized fonts into accessible fonts and font weights that are essential for visually impaired and dyslexic users who find nonstandard fonts confusing or difficult to read.
7. Highlight links
Highlights clickable items for easier site usability, navigation and overall accessibility.
8. Large cursor
Increases the standard cursor size by 400% to ensure the pointer always remains in sight
9. Text Spacing
Modify text and line spacing for improved readability for dyslexic and the visually impaired users. . 
10. Colour desaturation
Desaturates all colours on the page to assist colour blind users.

The Accessibility widget can be enabled on the Advanced Setting, for more information contact to enable.